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The citizen groups meetings are designed to tap into the collective understanding of NbS deployment and to stimulate discussions around their financial mechanisms and instruments

Being part of the dialogue

NATURANCE is launching a far-reaching initiative to organize citizen group meetings throughout Europe and beyond, focused on identifying innovative financial strategies for Nature-based Solutions (NbS) in the context of climate action and disaster risk mitigation. The citizen groups meetings are designed to tap into the collective understanding of NbS deployment and to stimulate discussions around their financial mechanisms and instruments. We invite you to be part of this essential dialogue that will redefine our approach to understanding, endorsing, and executing NbS.

What are Nature-based Solutions?

Nature-based Solutions (NbS) refer to actions aimed at restoring and regenerating ecosystems and ecosystem services to address various societal challenges. These solutions are sustainable and provide environmental, social, and economic benefits, presenting viable avenues for biodiversity conservation, urban regeneration, climate change mitigation and adaptation and disaster risk reduction. Examples include restoring wetlands to filter water and protect against flooding, planting urban forests for cooling cities, and preserving ecosystems like coral reefs, which can protect coastlines from storm surges. NbS aim to work in harmony with nature to create better outcomes for both humans and the environment. However, realizing the full potential of NbS and ensuring their longevity calls for creative financial strategies.

What is a "Naturethon"?

By establishing a series of thoughtfully orchestrated citizen groups, the project aspires to mobilize communities in Europe and beyond, encouraging the exchange of ideas and proactive engagement. These forums will provide a conducive environment for open discussions, ensuring that all contributions are acknowledged, and all viewpoints are taken into account. “Naturethon”, or in short form “Na’thon”, is a concept inspired by the idea of a “climathon,” which refers to hackathon-style events that focus on generating innovative solutions for climate-related challenges. Similarly, Na’thon events are devised as intensive, collaborative sessions that bring together citizens, experts, policymakers, and entrepreneurs to tackle the financing of NbS. The term embraces the spirit of proactive engagement, innovation, and financial strategizing towards a greener and more resilient future.

How to participate

  1. Register your citizen or community group with the project. Start by registering your group or organization with our project. This will ensure you’re on our radar for updates, resources, and support throughout the citizen engagement process. Early registration allows us to tailor the experience to your group’s needs and interests, ensuring a productive and insightful engagement for everyone involved.
  2. Enrol in the supporting activities. After registration, take advantage of a series of supporting activities designed to enrich your understanding and involvement in NbS. Speak to our experts. Participate in an exclusive series of webinars where you can engage with leading experts in NbS. This is your opportunity to ask questions, explore challenges, and seek advice on how to effectively contribute to and advocate for these solutions within your community;  Listen to inspiring stories. Access our digital library filled with inspiring stories, case studies, and documentaries. These resources are curated to provide practical insights into the successful implementation of NbS across different contexts and communities. They serve as a source of inspiration and a benchmark for what’s possible; Register for the Festival of Innovative Nature-based Insurance and Investment Solutions. This festival showcases innovative approaches, shares best practices, and celebrates achievements within the realm of nature-based solutions. It offers invaluable opportunities for networking, learning, and collaborative idea generation.
  3. Engage in dialogue within your group or community. With the knowledge and insights facilitated by the project and gained from the webinars, digital library, and festival, your group will be well-prepared to actively participate in the deployment of NbS in your local area. Use the resources and expertise provided by the project to develop tailored, actionable solutions for your community. Your initiatives should tackle specific environmental challenges through nature-based approaches, pinpointing potential projects, funding sources, and collaborative opportunities. Encourage your friends, colleagues, and community members to join the discussions. Leverage the tools and narratives to raise awareness and enthusiasm about the significance and promise of these solutions. Investigate funding avenues and support frameworks to implement your solutions. This could include applying for grants, forming partnerships with local enterprises, or starting crowdfunding campaigns, all directed at garnering the essential means for execution. By taking these steps, your group will not only contribute to the wider discourse on NbS but also effectuate a meaningful difference in your local environment and society.
  4. Share the identified ideas and local solutions with us. The submissions will be: compiled in a comprehensive proceeding of the Na’thon; reviewed by experts and peers form other countries. The best inspiration solutions will be rewarded by: (1) NATURANCE recognitions and enrolling in our research and evidence seeking program, (2) inviting the representatives of the teams to high-level project gathering.