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Digital library

A diverse collection of resources to dive into the world of Nature-based solutions and their financing

A short video explaining the concepts of ecosystem services (ES) and biodiversity and their values beyond the economic aspect.
Talks 4 Action is a podcast that investigates the role of nature in disaster risk reduction.
A short video explaining the functionality of NbS in climate adaptation.
A short video presenting insurance and financial solutions applied to NbS.
The benefits of the NbSs explained by NATURANCE experts.
A short video introducing the concept of NbS and how they work.
A publication collectsing the list of EU-funded NbS research projects in different environments.
A series of case studies presented to identify examples of innovative methods and best practices for NbS.
An article presenting the concept of NbS, their definition, and the multifunctionality of their applications in different environmental contexts,.
The PEDRR virtual library collects case studies and examples of NbS around the world.
EU Repository of Nature-Based Solutions. It provides a knowledge marketplace, where the latest thinking on natural capital, ecosystem services and nature-based solutions is brought together.
A short and illustrative guide through climate change adaptation and Nature-based Solutions.
A brief factsheet laying out an overview of some of the current societal challenges in different sectors with their application of NbS