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Enhance nature to help people adapt to change and disasters

Assessing feasibility and performance of solutions built on disaster risk financing and Nature-based Solutions (NbS) investments

Stimulating dialogues across different areas of policy and practice

Our ambition

Knowledge sharing

NATURANCE project aims to encourage adoption of jointly elaborated equity principles, performance metrics and recommended approaches to analysis and design, in accordance with the EU framework for sustainable finance and the Just Transition Mechanism. To this end we will stimulate dialogues, knowledge sharing and mutual learning across different areas of policy and practice


The main objective of the NATURANCE project is translated into specific detailed and measurable objectives

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Objective 1

Objective 1

Connecting existing major knowledge networks and fostering cross-domain knowledge

Objective 2

Objective 2

Seeking to assess existing and explore new areas for equitable insurance and investment solutions

Objective 3

Objective 3

Analysing policy and governance conditions that are conducive to sustainable and equitable innovative green insurance

Objective 4

Objective 4

Analysing models, methods, scenarios and metrics used for assessing risk-reduction performance of NbS

Objective 5

Objective 5

Build awareness and capabilities for green financial innovations, so to creating conditions for inclusive and transformative change


Meet the people

NATURANCE’s excellence relies on a strong transdisciplinary consortium of partners with wide expertise and long experience from prominent research & innovation organisations, insurance industry representatives, insurance brokers and sustainable finance experts, networks of regional and local governments, and organisations with huge experience in catalysing local and regional action. The consortium members hold extensive knowledge, skills, experience and capacity to meet the above goals.


Latest project news and mentions in the media

The UNDRR extends a cordial invitation to contribute to the Global Assessment Report 2025 through a Call for case studies and a Call for innovative futures ideas. Abstracts must be submitted by Monday 22 July 2024.
The World Bank and the European Commission unveiled three new analytical reports, focusing on prioritising investments in disaster and climate resilience, costing climate change adaptation, and advancing financial resilience.
The compendium, published by the UNDRR, includes 16 cases which provide compelling documentation that Nature-based Solutions offer multifaceted benefits.