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23 - 24 May 2024


All Day

Finance Innovation Festival

Join us for a community-driven festival and learn about the financial, insurance, and investment opportunities that promote nature-based solutions! Registration for in-person attendance is closed but you can sign-up for the online sessions!


The Festival on Insurance and Investment Opportunities for Nature-based Solutions is intended as a venue to bring together various communities around climate risk assessment, policy analysis, financial innovation, and advocacy for nature-based solutions aimed at:

  • Showcasing the advancements made in innovative financial instruments and the development of business cases centred around nature-based solutions.
  • Encouraging critical engagement and facilitating in-depth discussions and analyses of the existing evidence to identify potential avenues for future financial laboratories.
  • Informing policy dialogues and contributing to increased awareness of the essential needs and existing strategies to foster a nature-positive economy.
  • Providing a platform for related initiatives and projects in the realm of nature-based solutions to share their successes and ongoing research, fostering a collaborative learning environment.


The festival will feature an engaging format comprising various activities aimed at fostering collective knowledge sharing and collaboration.

  • Leading experts will deliver inspirational keynotes, setting the stage with valuable insights into current initiatives and inspiring community discussions during the Festival.
  • The Panel and Pitch Presentation session will feature expert panels discussing various aspects of innovation finance for nature-based solutions, including current trends, challenges, and opportunities in financing such projects.
  • The World Café interactive sessions provide a participatory format for attendees to engage in in-depth discussions and collaborative brainstorming. Tables with different themes related to innovation finance for nature-based solutions will facilitate exchanges of ideas, insights, and experiences, guided by facilitators to ensure a dynamic and productive exchange of knowledge and perspectives, fostering networking and collaborations among participants.
  • The Outdoor Discussions session, set in the Laxenburg Castle garden, fosters informal discussions, networking, and idea-sharing. Attendees will explore and complement ideas for the next round of community innovation labs for nature-based investment and insurance solutions. Facilitators may lead guided discussions or activities, encouraging participants to connect with each other while exchanging insights, experiences, and innovative approaches to financing nature-based projects.




The festival will address various topics including but not limited to:

  • Innovative Nature-based Insurance Instruments 
  • Finance and Investment in Nature-based Solutions
  • Regulatory and policy frameworks – reporting on nature-related financial risks and Public-Private partnerships 
  • Nature-based Solutions in evidence-based policy making
  • Economic Valuation and Assessment of Ecosystem Services
  • Community engagement, equity, and market mechanisms for Nature-based Solutions
  • Risk Management and Disaster Resilience Building Nature-based Solutions
  • Practical Applications and case studies of innovative Nature-based Investment and Insurance Solutions.


The intended audience of the festival comprises professionals, experts, policymakers, and advocates from diverse sectors, including finance, insurance, environmental science, policy analysis, and sustainability. Entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and community leaders interested in exploring nature-based solutions and advancing innovative approaches to addressing climate change and environmental challenges are also welcomed. The festival aims to foster collaboration, knowledge exchange, and collective action among individuals and organisations committed to driving positive change towards a more sustainable future.

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Looking forward to the festival

Have a sneak peak at the festival content by watching our expert keynotes on topics including ecosystem-based approaches, financial strategies such as green finance, project origination, insurance protection, and the EU policy landscape concerning Nature-based Solutions investment. The list is continuously updated!