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19 Oct 2023


10:30 am - 11:45 am

Nature-Positive Economy & Financing: Navigating Ecosystem Restoration and Private Investment

What is the essence of a nature-positive economy? How can we shift from an extractive paradigm to one that focuses on preserving natural resources and restoring damaged ecosystems? The advantages of not only recognizing nature as value in our economic and social systems but also drawing inspiration from its innovative solutions for innovation are endless. Investing in nature at all strategic levels, including planning, funding, research and incentives can accelerate the impact of private investments on sustainable development.

Join the interactive session organized by the projects Invest4Nature and NATURANCE in the context of the European Urban Resilience Forum to learn more about how cities and regions can prioritize a nature-positive economy through innovative financing. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss drawbacks and benefits with distinguished experts in the field.

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