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25 Jun 2024


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Third UNDRR Global Meeting of R-STAGs

On June the 25th, Jaroslav Mysiak, project coordinator of NATURANCE and director of the research division “Risk assessment and adaptation strategies” at CMCC, will give a talk at the Third Global Meeting of Regional STAGs promoted by the UNDRR. Online registration is open!

The speech will focus on understand risk creation and perpetuation in the contemporary risk landscape (systemic, cascading and complex risks) and the need to address inequalities, injustices, marginalization and vulnerabilities. Representing the European STAG, Mysiak will give credit to the recent EUCRA as well as to the NATURANCE project.

The purpose of the UNDRR Scientific and Technical Advisory Group is to provide substantive technical advice and support in the formulation and implementation of activities carried out by the broad International Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction community.

The work of the STAG encompasses all aspects of the scientific and technical dimensions of risk reduction, with particular emphasis on the needs of developing countries.