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09 Jul 2024


10:00 am - 3:55 pm

ABI – Climate Change Summit 2024

On the 9th of July, from 10 to 15:55 BTS, Jaroslav Mysiak, project coordinator of NATURANCE, will give a talk at the Climate Change Summit 2024 held by the Association of British Insurers (ABI). This year, the event will focus on strengthening the industry’s climate capabilities and it will be delivered as a live webinar. This one-day virtual event will provide attendees with the latest insight and a range of practical tools to take action. Bookings close at 17:00 on Monday 8 July 2024.

With half of the global GDP dependent on nature, the business case for action to combat the crisis of nature decline is clear. Nature is critical to our members and their customers – from the economic value it provides to our pension investments, the practical role it plays in absorbing some of the risks posed by flooding and heatwaves, and the benefits it offers to human health. The webinar aims to delve into practical tools and share up-to-date insight to help the sector understand its impact, manage risks and prioritize actions.

Climate change increases the prevalence of extreme weather events and other physical risks. This poses challenges to the insurance sector. During the summit, participants will identify the interactions and key levers that could decrease the negative and improve the positive impact of insurance underwriting on climate and biodiversity and look at how insurers can reduce their insurance-associated emissions.

Insurance sector wants to play a significant role in driving the transition to Net Zero, both as investors and as providers of essential insurance and long-term savings services. We also need to ensure that it is a “Just Transition” that protects the whole of society from the impact of rising temperatures, while also managing the cost of transition in a way that ensures essential insurance products remain affordable and that savings provide for society’s retirement needs.

The UK insurance and long-term savings industry has the potential to supply nearly half off the total investment required to hit our net zero targets. This is being boosted by regulatory changes into the assets that firms can hold against portfolio risk, which is expected to unlock a further £100bn over the next decade. The ABI created the Investment Delivery Forum last year to ensure the industry is ready to act once this regulation is complete. Hear from those involved in the Forum about the barriers and associated solutions needed to make the most of these changes and to ensure that UK savers have pensions to be proud of.

Learn more about the agenda and register to the webinar on ABI website.